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SkillsFuture@PA TCM Herbal Diet


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From07 May 2021
To28 May 2021

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From07:00 PM
To09:30 PM


Pasir Ris East CC

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29 Apr 2021

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Venue Details

Venue: Pasir Ris East CC
Description: 519457 Pasir Ris East CC Level 3, Caribbean Room
Venue Name: CLASSROOM Caspian Rm
Postal Code: 519457


Ng Shin Kiat Clement

Dr Clement Ng is a People’s Association (PA) Trainer since 2006. He is a registered Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) practitioner in Singapore. He has a PhD in Medicine (TCM) from Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine, and he was the former Vice Principal of Singapore College of TCM. He currently serves as Council Member in Singapore Chinese Physicians’ Association, Committee Member for Singapore Biomedical Standards Committee, National Mirror Working Group for ISO/TC 249 (TCM)

Professional Qualifications (Certificates)
Cert of Attendance (20 Jun - 20 Sep 05) from Singapore Chinese Physicians' Training College,
TCM Diploma from S'pore College of Traditional Chinese Medicine,
Advanced certificate in Training & Assessment from Institute for Adult Learning,
Doctor's Degree Certificate (TCM with Satisfactory Results) from Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine,
Doctoral Candidate Graduation Certificate (TCM in the Doctoral Program with Satisfactory Results) from Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine

Course Description

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, food is viewed as a type of medicine and used to nourish and harmonize the body, mind and spirit. When it comes to the selection of food for herbal diets, there are many methods that serve to draw out the therapeutic qualities, as all foods have distinct energy and characteristic properties that either help to balance our bodies and make us healthy, or that create imbalances which ultimately results in sickness.

The course explores the concept of a herbal diet in TCM, together with the energy content of common foods. Some common Chinese herbs with tonic characteristics will be introduced and methods of preparing herbal diets will also be shared.


Pasir Ris East CC

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